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Blessing of the Animals

Rev Russ Menk

A service for all ages and all species! All pets who are friendly with other pets and all people are welcome, on leash or in a carrier. For those pets overwhelmed by such events, their person can bring a picture. We will take a moment to remember pets who are no longer with us if you would like to bring a picture of them as well. For our younger generations, if you have a special stuffed toy animal who needs a blessing, please bring them as well.

Thoughts from Rev Russ

  • Joy March 27, 2017

    While this is my 2nd post related to Joy, I believe this is an era where repetition of a healthy life prescription is valuable. So, here are a few more thoughts on the healing and essential role of Joy in our lives:

    If we pay attention and are present, the Universe is constantly providing us with hints and guidance and inspiration—if we just take the time to notice. Sometimes the messages are so important that they are repeated—just so we have a chance to ...

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I believe in the seven Unitarian Universalist Principles and I enjoy how this congregation can laugh, cry, think, and even worry together.  I feel that we can create a better place for life on earth together!

Joy Hinz