Pure Imagination

In these tumultuous times there are few things that can offer hope like imagination.
To dream together, to create a world that recognizes the sacredness of life, cares for the most marginalized and oppressed, and celebrates the joy and beauty of the world, this is the task of the religious community. Let us imagine what might be possible together.

Climate change and Human Spirituality

How have different spiritual traditions viewed the human-environment relationship; and how have those traditions embraced change, and in particular adapted to anew environmental circumstances.

Fighting Reality

We all do it. When faced with challenge, we respond “this shouldn’t be happening.” How do we walk the tightrope over the chasm of Acceptance or Perseverance?

Forgiveness & Acceptance

Is acceptance surrender? Has forgiveness faded from our collective morality? Has revenge conquered forgiveness in our world? Has religion become out-dated about these behaviors?

Clocks & Clouds

The great science philosopher Karl Popper once said that all our problems are either clocks or clouds. What’s the difference? Can this be a coping mechanism for living in the world?