Not Yet

How do you live knowing that we haven’t reached our goals? Will we ever? Are we making progress, or just spinning around? The space between now and not yet is CONFLICT—which can be a brick wall or an engine for transformation.

How long must we wait?

As we get older, do we see the progress humankind has made—or see what still needs to be better? Can you envision a world of peace, liberty, and justice? Is there an “end state” when all will be well? Why is world improvement taking so long?

What’s Your Story?

Can sharing your life story become a sacred text for your community? All Sacred texts began their life as a simple stories and over time were rewritten and retold. Can the retelling of our life’s stories create change within ourselves and within our beloved community? Does it answer the questions we all ponder? Who we are? Why we are here? What other answers can we find in our own Sacred Stories?