Reggie McLain

Time, Talent, and Treasure: My Gifts to this Fellowship

The guiding principles of Unitarian Universalism provide partial answers to my deep questions about living a moral life. Being a part of this Fellowship has allowed me to take another step toward acting on my principles.

Equally as important, you who have gotten to know me, especially in Small Group Ministry, have listened to me with open hearts. I want to thank you for being judicious about offering advice.

In all of its complexity, love is the most important drive in my life. My, oh my, the roads that has taken me down! I’ve alluded to that in my past Joys and Sorrows sharing.

I’m here because this is one of the places where I strive to bring forth my best intentions, infuse then with love, and sometimes I even put them into action.

Thank you for gently prompting me to give of myself.