You and your family are invited to join us on Sunday mornings! It is a weekly opportunity to come to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Santa Cruz County (UUFSCC) and step into a time of connection, creativity and compassion. Our children’s Religious Exploration (RE) program holds these qualities as important ways of being, and we strive to exercise these ideals in our community.

Unitarian Universalism (UU) recognizes many Principles and Sources that inspire. With the Children we keep the language simple: Respect all people, Be fair to all, Learn all you can, Find your truth wherever it may call, Believe you are always good enough, want peace, and Nature is our friend. It is our goal to teach and model these, and other UU understandings, so that we may support our children’s growth in what it means to be a compassionate, mindful, self-knowing, and justice-oriented person in their day-to-day life.

All Ages hold hands on patio, singing gratitude for community and the delicious food to come.
All Ages hold hands on patio, singing gratitude for community and the delicious food to come.

A typical Sunday morning begins with being greeted at the door

Our childcare providers and RE teachers are part of the welcoming team who meet you at the door between 9:45 and 10AM to help you settle in. Early Childhood age children (0-5) are welcome to go immediately with the care provider to the Rose Blossom space. If children would like to start with you in Service and transition later or remain with you the entire time, we welcome you to do what feels most comfortable for everyone.

Children & teachers lead Congregational Songs
Children & teachers lead Congregational Songs

We join each other and adults in the Sanctuary so that we may Sing the Opening Hymn, Light the Chalice, and participate in a Story for all Ages together. Those young of years and young at heart are welcome to participate in the story for all ages if they would like to. Kids are then sung out in English and Spanish to their RE rooms, escorted by their teachers. Parents are always welcome to attend RE with their children or join in Nursery care as desired.

Mom holds toddler who plays with tween
Kids of different ages have together and separate time.

Please note that there are occasional exceptions to this schedule; for instance when we have an All Ages/Intergenerational service.  To be updated on the RE program schedule and activities,click the “Sign Up Now” button to subscribe to our REmail, which usually comes out twice monthly.



Our children’s Religious Exploration Program is served by:

Minister, Rev Russ Menk
Teachers: Juan Oliverez, Megan Jacobsmeyer, Kelly Overduijn, Shams Cohen
RE Team: Sarah Marschall, Ben Sandel, Dawn Castello

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our
Beloved Community!