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Clocks & Clouds

Rev Russ Menk

The great science philosopher Karl Popper once said that all our problems are either clocks or clouds. What’s the difference? Can this be a coping mechanism for living in the world?

Thoughts from Rev Russ

  • Charlottesville August 16, 2017

    My reactions to last weekend’s violence and displays of hatred in Charlottesville, Virginia was both visceral and emotional. When fear is promoted—anger grows.  When anger is tolerated—violence erupts.  When violence is accepted as necessary—deaths occur.  When deaths are seen as unfortunate collateral damage of a greater cause—what will happen to us?

    My minister/teacher in Massachusetts wrote recently of how, in seminary, we are taught to be a “’non-anxious presence’ to walk into the storm of conflict, turmoil or loss and be ...

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I believe in the seven Unitarian Universalist Principles and I enjoy how this congregation can laugh, cry, think, and even worry together.  I feel that we can create a better place for life on earth together!

Joy Hinz