While this is my 2nd post related to Joy, I believe this is an era where repetition of a healthy life prescription is valuable. So, here are a few more thoughts on the healing and essential role of Joy in our lives: If we pay attention and are present, the Universe is constantly providing us with hints and … Continued

Being Aware

The Adult RE class in January was advertised as “…we need to come together as a community to act on our Principles and heal together. What does that mean for each of us? For our Fellowship? What will you do? What will we do?” We had almost 40 people attend our meeting in the Gallery.  … Continued

Miracles & Joy

In our Christmas Eve service, I talked about miracles of the holiday (audio recording Here), but I wanted to expand on the subject a bit. I believe in miracles. Each day is a miracle—as each moment. I believe each one of you is a miracle. I believe everything is holy. I believe we are part … Continued

Being Tested

The election results of Tuesday November 8th have revealed what a lot of us didn’t know:  our country is pretty much evenly split in our political, social, and cultural views.  And while the two views have some commonality, their differences are startling.  As a country and as religious people, we are being tested.  The actions … Continued


This is from a “Welcome” part of our service from Sunday December 4, 2016 and it captures what a lot of us are struggling with lately. We’ll explore “Post-Truth” from a religious perspective in a service on Sunday December 18, 2016. Welcome message 12/4/16 I’m Russ Menk the minister serving this liberal progressive congregation. What … Continued

Remaining Calm—or Not

So much of life is about balance. It’s about acting or not acting in the best way at the best time in the best manner to suit the situation. This makes living a good life consistently very challenging. Too often we don’t have time to analyze the situation or perform a cost/benefit analysis of the … Continued